How to learn English for free with AMEP

The Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) is a free program that helps eligible migrants and refugees learn English. The AMEP is delivered at Laverton Community Education Centre face to face and is funded by the Australian government Department of Home Affairs.

Here’s how you can participate and benefit from this program:


To be eligible for the AMEP, you must be a permanent resident or an eligible temporary visa holder who is over 18 years old and who has not yet achieved a functional level of English

Phone us on 9369 2726 or email to check your eligibility. Have your Visa Grant Number ready because that is what we will use to check your eligibility


Once we have confirmed your eligibility you will need to come to the office at Laverton Community Education Centre to fill in the registration form and, we will arrange an appointment with you to assess your English Level


On the day of your appointment a qualified teacher will assess your English language level. If your level is below functional English, we will enrol you in our AMEP courses.


The AMEP offers flexible learning options to help you study including full time and part time classes. These classes are taught by qualified teachers and cover a range of topics such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, communication skills and writing.

5. Access additional support

In addition to English language classes, the AMEP also provides additional support such as free childcare for children under school age, and digital literacy training to help you participate successfully in an increasingly digitised Australian society.

6. Monitor your progress:

Throughout your participation in the program, your progress will be monitored to ensure that you are meeting your language goals. You will also have access to resources and support to help you stay motivated and engaged.


Overall, the AMEP is an excellent program for eligible migrants and refugees who want to learn English for free. By participating in this program, you can improve your language skills, connect with your community, and increase your chances of finding employment and succeeding in Australia.

How to contact us:

Send an inquiry through our website:

Email us at

Phone us on (03) 9369 2726 Monday -Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm