When you become an early childhood educator your workday will involve a wide range of tasks and responsibilities centered around the care and education of young children. It’s varied and stimulating role Let have a look at what you work day might look like.

Morning: You will arrive and prepare the learning environment. You’ll greet children, help them settle in and discuss any important information with parents/carers. You may start the day with a morning meeting with children in your room, discussing the day’s schedule and engaging the children in a short lesson or story.

Midday: You will supervise meal and snack times, promoting healthy eating habits and social interaction. You’ll encourage children to play outdoors to support their physical and cognitive development. You will conduct individual and small group activities to provide personalized attention and support to the children in your care.

Afternoon: Younger children have a nap or rest time. Free play allows children to explore their interests and develop creativity and social skills. You will reflect on the day, observe children’s progress, and document their learning. You’ll communicate with parents, sharing updates and addressing concerns.

Evening: You’ll need to ensure the learning environment is tidy and prepare for the next day’s activities, considering individual children’s needs. You will communicate with parents and caregivers at as they come to collect their children, providing updates on their child’s progress, discussing any concerns, and answering questions

Above I a very general overview. Tasks and responsibilities will vary based on the setting, age group, and the educator’s experience and qualifications. But whatever your setting, you will find it an enriching, satisfying and rewarding role. So start now:

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You can find more information on becoming an early childhood educator in Australia by visiting the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).